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Westinghouse CR9V 9 Volt Lithium 1pk

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Westinghouse CR9V 9 Volt Lithium 1pk
Part Number: WES-CR9V-BP1
Availability: In Stock
Westinghouse Lithium Batteries deliver dependable power when needed. 9 Volt batteries are most commonly used in smoke alarm systems. Westinghouse designed its lithium formula to last 5 times longer than other alkaline brands names such as Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac. With this long lasting 9 volt you wont have to change the battery in your smoke alarms for years and sometimes up to 10years if you are using the battery in a ac-powered smoke alarm. Westinghouse CR9V allows outstanding performance in medical equipment, idustrial equipment, home safety devices, music/audio equipment, and other recreational applications. Westinghouse is known for its quality and our batteries prove it


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