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Camelion 6 LED SuperBright Flashlight

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Camelion 6 LED SuperBright Flashlight
Part Number: FL-6L2D2R20P-BP1
Availability: In Stock
This portable design comes in a bright yellow color with a high intensity beam, 100,000 hour LED’s and plastic casing.  Has a durable push button on/off switch and a shatterproof lens.  2 D batteries are included in the package.  Features a folding ring on the end, which makes it convenient in any situation to hang your flashlight when you need the use of your hands.
  • 6 Super Bright 100,000 hour LED’s
  • Plastic Casing with a Folding Ring to Hang
  • 2 D Batteries Included
  • Durable push button on/off switch
  • Shatterproof Lens
  • 180 Hours of continuous use

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