International Power was purchased in 2015 by Batteries & Things, Inc. We offer & distribute a variety of cells used in electronic devices, power tools & industrial equipment. Our customer base is made up of independent store and businesses who provide pack rebuilding, repair services & operate retail stores.
The Types of products International Power offers include Alkaline, Super Heavy Duty, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh & Lithium cells of all types and sizes. Prices of all products offered are VERY COMPETITIVE. Batteries & Things has brought many new items to our product line which include: Flashlights, Phone Accessories, Industrial Lighting, Novelty Items, Home Decor & more!
International Powers’s location in the middle of the USA also provides it with a competitive advantage in the distribution of its goods. With two fully staffed warehouses, most in stock orders ship within 24 hours of order receipt. In addition, its strategic location on the intersections of interstate 80 and 39 ensures that most shipments are never more than four working days away from any location in the continental United States.
Our goal is to provide great value & service to our customer base.
You will be amazed of the products we offer. Please call us at 815-220-0321 to get set up with an account with special pricing.
** Note when you go to the website you will notice the prices are set higher. Remember to login to your account & you will see your special price.
Ron Witek, President

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